All Rhythm Travel customers agree with the terms of agreement and general usage policy that Rhythm Travel arranged. Rhythm Travel reserves the right to modify or change these terms in every way at anytime without notice.




Rhythm Travel customers have access to a powerful control panel where important features and information such as bank account numbers are saved. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain the security of his/her password and identification and he or she is fully responsible for all use of his/her account and for any action that take place using his/her account. As soon as Rhythm Travel is informed of a lost or a stolen password, account will be frozen or deleted. Rhythm Travel is not responsible for any loss or change before Rhythm Travel make the proper changes on the account. We would like to remind that no computer network is completely secured. Electronic mails go through various computer systems and cannot be considered as a secure way of communicating. Even the hidden data is only as secure as its pass wording technique that is used.

Account Inalienability

The right to use any of the Rhythm Travel internet services is not inalienable. The right to use a Rhythm Travel account is clearly limited to the person whose name is on the agreement.

Unacceptable Behaviour

The behaviours listed below may lead to a hold of the service till Rhythm Travel investigates it and may end up with the cancellation of a person’s, corporation’s or website’s account or accounts. You will be responsible for the business matter activities ( members etc) which affect Rhythm Travel. Your cooperation is important to assure that these associates are suitable to Rhythm Travel policies and Rhythm Travel service providers. In case of a violation of the agreement, Rhythm Travel may ask you to renounce your association or make sure immediately that these individuals will stop these inappropriate actions. In case of a continuing violation; Rhythm Travel may freeze your associates’ payments or abrogate the agreement between you and Rhythm Travel.

1. Spam or Harassment

A. Sending one article or many articles which are almost the same, to many (e.g more than 20) news groups; or writing out of topic or inappropriately, sending articles that receives a lot of complaints from the regular readers. B. Sending inappropriate messages to numerous electronic lists (e.g more than 25 users) that receives complaints

C. Using Method (1) and (2) ,through another service provider rather than Rhythm Travel, to attract attention on any webpage that is on Rhythm Travel network and protected under the terms of the agreement between the customer and Rhythm Travel.

D. To use abusive language or harass others on internet, even though Rhythm Travel asks the person to stop these actions

E. Mail Bombardment (e.g sending a large quantity of electronic mails to individuals or to personal business accounts) F. To make an imitation of a user or somebody else’s screen name through electronic mail, USENET posts, IRC (Internet Relay Chat) any other online way. (This topic does not prevent using screen names on IRC or anonymous services).

2. Unfriendly Network and Illegal Activities

A. Any attempt, successful or not, to access the information of another system or other users’ personal data without given permission.

B. Any attempt to prevent Rhythm Travel systems and network connections from working properly and vice versa: Any attempt to prevent people or systems from being able to use Rhythm Travel systems

C. Any unauthorized attempt of an individual to access an account which does not belong to him/her, on this or any other Rhythm Travel system

D. Any activity that violates a law of a region, state, the U.S.A or any other international

law. E. Repetitive claims on Rhythm Travel by using different ID information; or by using similar or same IP numbers.

3.Violation of Rhythm Travel Agreement

A. Any attempt to sell a piece that is mentioned in any category of our Unacceptable Field of Activity List

B. Any attempt to block or remove Rhythm Travel name, logo or customer support link from the payment page.

C. Any failure to fulfill an access or a service that is sold to a customer regardless of whether it was a test business, regular business, repeated business, tangible material or not.

D. Any violation of a credit card company’s rules.

Rhythm Travel’s Right of Revocation

In case of unacceptable behaviour or a fraudulent act, the customer’s account will be suspended, all payer members will be cancelled and their money accounts will be kept under control from six months to 1 year. In addition, Rhythm Travel reserves the right to apply any technical mechanism to prevent these actions. Furthermore, Rhythm Travel activities are subject to change without prior notice at any time. Rhythm Travel may block an account of a website if it is not activated for 90 days or Rhythm Travel’s name does not appear on the access page. Accounts may be blocked or cancelled to lower the pointless expense of operation.

Compatibility with Other Networks Rules

Any connection made to other networks that is connected to Rhythm Travel network should apply both Rhythm Travel’s and this other network’s rules.

Inspection / Privacy

Rhythm Travel reserves the right to monitor any communication that is made through its own network, as a part or as a whole, as this complies with the terms and conditions of this agreement. Customers are considered to know that Rhythm Travel is not a fully safe communication environment in terms of Electronic Communication Privacy Laws and his/her privacy expectations may not be fulfilled. It may be necessary for Rhythm Travel staff to investigate reported information and the system that holds records to determine whether there is a violation of privacy or other unwanted network activities.

Cooperation with Authorities

Rhythm Travel reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement and other authorities for inspection of illegal activities.

Privacy of Personal Records

Rhythm Travel will never give out a client’s or customer’s registration or payment information to a third party; unless there is a court order or any other legal demand that has to be replied by Rhythm Travel. Client accepts the legality of court orders, citations or any other legal demands.

Rhythm Travel’s Rights to Change Acceptable Usage Agreements

Rhythm Travel may change the Acceptable Usage Policy on its website in every way at anytime. It is your responsibility to read and understand the latest version of Acceptable Usage Policy periodically. Using Rhythm Travel services after these changes are announced means that you accept these changes. We hope that Acceptable Usage Policy helps you. Please, report any violation of these policies to these e-mail addresses: or